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Stay in control at all times, use your UB Finance Visa Prepaid Card as your internet, travel, and expense card.

Card Information


Stay in control at all times; use your UB Finance Visa Prepaid Card as your internet, travel, and expense card. It can also be given to family and friends as a gift card. Simply top-up your card with a desired amount and you can use it on all payment channels.


  • XAF or Dollar (USD) denominated
  • Valid for 2 years
  • Secured by EMV technology, thereby preventing card cloning and unauthorized access to cardholder’s funds
  • Can be personalised to bear the cardholder’s name or can be purchased off the shelf
  • Flexible for co-branding with organisations and corporate bodies.


  • Easy to get and use and no credit check is required to get the card
  • Non–exposure of unintended funds and account
  • Load in branch or online through the FirstOnline internet banking platform or any bank’s Mobile Banking Service
  • Can be used to make purchases online, pay bills, and access cash at ATMs worldwide
  • The card is Verified by Visa (VbV) which increases card security for online use

Benefits to Corporate Clients

  • Enhanced Funds Management – Reports are readily available for transaction reconciliation of every card issued.
  • Ability to avail members with international cards without any obligation to open accounts.


  • Issuance: 18,000 FCFA
  • Minimum Balance: 5,000 FCFA
  • Renewal On Expiration: 15 000 FCFA
  • PIN Reissue: Free
  • POS and Web: Free
  • ATM Withdrawal
    • Local: Free for UB Finance and Affiliates ATM and 500 FCFA for other Banks ATM
    • International: 3% for every withdrawal

Who can Apply?

All existing customers and non-customers of the Bank are eligible to apply

How to Apply

Visit your nearest UB Finance branch to fill out an application form