UB Finance Contraction Financing

UB Finance enables customers in unbanked or underbanked regions to process financial requests through registered Agents and existing businesses.

Agent Banking

Agent banking is a channel used to bring financial services closer to the unbanked and underbanked segments of society by empowering existing businesses within the communities to deliver these services.

How to identify a UB Finance Agent

Branding features of a UB Finance Agent location include.

  • Outdoor paintings in UB FInance colors (Grey and Orange)
  • UB Finance Agent Certificate
  • UB Finance Agent Banner
  • UB Finance Agent Dangler

Available Services at a UB Finance Agent location

  • Open a FirstBank account
  • Deposit Money
  • Withdraw money from any Bank
  • Send money to any Bank
  • Pay Bills
  • Buy Airtime
  • Enrol for BVN
  • Buy Airtime and data
  • Card balance inquiry

Product Information

Become an Agent

To become a Firstmonie Agent you need to have:

  • An existing business
  • A visible and accessible business location
  • A valid means of identification (Voters’ card, National ID card, Drivers’ License, International Passport)
  • BVN
  • Utility bills not more than three (3) months old
  • Business registration documentation for corporate bodies


To the Customer

  • Saves customer travel and queue time (relative to alternatives such as the Branch and ATM point).
  • Provides the target market access to custom/ relevant products that fit their needs.
  • Provides quick access to “Human ATMs” which can serve all customer types – banked (customers of any bank) and unbanked.

The Agent

  • Additional revenue from commissions earned per transaction processed.
  • Improves Agent trust and credibility in their respective communities.
  • Expansion of existing service offerings
  • Increased demand for existing services/business offerings.

The Nation

  • Tool for financial inclusion and literacy
  • Reduction in the rate of poverty and unemployment.
  • Channel for the deployment of National Social Intervention Programmes.
  • A platform for partnership with international organizations to drive humanitarian programmes.

Service offerings

Transaction Dynamics

  • All transactions processed at the Agent locations are real-time and impact the sender/ beneficiary’s account instantly.
  • Agent account is debited or credited instantly for every transaction processed.
  • Customers are charged a convenience fee for transactions with the exemption of Airtime Recharge.

Customer Transaction Guide

  • Services shall be provided subject to the availability of funds at the Agent location.
  • If FirstBank systems are down, no transactions can be processed.
  • Never disclose your PIN to anybody.
  • When making a withdrawal, a valid identity card is required for identification.
  • Ensure that you sign the transaction log book to confirm the information recorded about your transaction.
  • Ensure that you get a transaction receipt for all transactions.
  • In case of a failed transaction, please contact your bank for resolution.

1Deposit (FirstBank account only)
1 – 5,00050 FCFA
>5,000 – 30,000100 FCFA
>30,000 – 100,000150 FCFA
>100,000200 FCFA
2Transfer to FirstBank account
1 – 30,000100 FCFA
>30,000 – 100,000150 FCFA
>100,000200 FCFA
3Transfer to Other Banks
1 – 20,000100 FCFA
>20,000 – 100,000200 FCFA
>100,000250 FCFA
4Cash Withdrawal
1 – 10,000100 FCFA
>10,000 – 100,000200 FCFA
>100,000300 FCFA
5Bill Payment100 FCFA flat
6Airtime RechargeFree
7Account OpeningFree
8BVN EnrolmentFree
Our service and fee rates


It is easy to reach us for any inquiries on the Firstmonie Agent Network.