DSC VLC (3)_UB Finance

Emergency Help Loan (EHL): This facility is a soft loan of three (3) months duration. It allows qualified members to access a maximum amount of 500.000frs in Cash on the same day that the loan application is made. The interest on this facility is 3% and the member would therefore an interest of 15000frs each month for the 3 months. This loan must be repaid in full before they can apply for another facility of this nature. The advantages are that is Hassel-free, same day and Cash. The member must be in good standing with the ability to repay and have a minimum of 1/5 the amount he or she is requesting against the duration of the individual’s loan.

 Can We Assist Loan (CWAL):  This is a Twelve (12) months loan which is specifically intended for weddings, special events or specifically for members who may be experiencing financial constraints. It is for a maximum of 2 million and carries with an interest rate of 1.5% and a processing fee of 2% of the amount requested by the member. The loan is two (2) days from the date the application is made. The member must be in good standing (must not be in default), with the ability to repay and must have a minimum of 1/5 of the amount he or she is requesting in the savings account. This loan type also requires a surety who must be a member of UB Finance or member’s loan can be surety with the shareholder certificate of UB Corporate. For further information, contact the office.

  • UNSECURED LOANS: A member shall be entitled to apply for a loan of twice times his Shares in UB corporate on the first call of shares subscription and payments not less than 50000frs and not exceeding 5 million francs and one and half times for the second call of shares not less than 50000 and not exceeding 2 million francs. Interest rate for this loan is 1% for BOD Members and 1.2% for all other share holders
Shares/ approved depositsMaximum of Unsecured LimitTotal amount
50 000 – 5 000 0005,000,00010,000,000
50,000 – 2 000 0002,000,0003,000,000